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Here is my latest Western Road Trip Schedule:

10 Sep M14 Virden, MB

13 Sep M14 TSE (The Shooting Edge) Calgary, AB

14 Sep TSE Pistol Clinic, Calgary, AB

15 Sep TSE Carbine Clinic Calgary, AB

19-20 Sep CQB Clinic St. Paul, AB

22 Sep M14 Kelowna, BC

Depending on your facilities, we can program ONE or TWO day clinics for the M14 addicts in your area.

M14 Clinics


Carbine or Rifle and pistiol matches put loads of fun into recreational shooting.

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Community building is what we do!

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Fail to train; Train to Fail!


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Friends I recommend..... Since I am only a Match Director turned Clinic Delivery Guy; here are some very serious instructors you may wish to pursue and take your game to the next levels: